Mrs. Orozco's Art & Artists


Art Room Rules


Always behave in such a way as keeps you and your classmates from getting hurt.


Treat your teacher, classmates, art materials and school property with consideration for their welfare (act kindly toward people and take care of things).


Take part in the learning activities.  Do what you're supposed to be doing when you're supposed to be doing it (listening, thinking, discussing, working and cleaning up).

Other Helpful Habits

  • Always write your name & code (first 2 letters of your teacher's last name & your grade) on your paper.
  • Stay in your seat unless you request and are given permission to get up.
  • Listen to instructions carefully & follow the directions given.  Directions are always posted on the board.
  • Tell the teacher if others are distracting you and you need to move to a more quiet area.
  • Use your inside voice at all times, so you don't disturb others while they are doing their work.
  • Keep your hands to yourself (no touching other people or their artwork).